The Thunderchild 112  is like a high quality light PA cab that goes deep enough and is rugged enough for electric bass. If you want to hear the pure sound of your instrument with no editorializing by the cab, the Thunderchild series can do that and do it well. As a result, I have several luthiers among my Thunderschild 112 customers. Note however that the smoothness of the Thunderchild cabs also means they no not have a traditional electric bass cab voicing. The latest generation of Thunderchild 112 cabs have an improved compression driver which makes them more suitable for modelling amps, keyboards, light duty PA, and even home audio. Two versions are available:

The Thunderchild 12v4: Dimensions 22" tall x 14" deep; 32 pounds; 94 dB; 500 watts; 8 ohms (4 ohms also available on request while supplies last); -1 dB at 62 Hz with normal tuning; four pluggable ports give four ported and one sealed option (for adapting to different room acoustic situations); top end switchable between 3.5 kHz and 17 kHz (-3 dB points). Improved tweeter relative to earlier versions, now better suited for light PA and keyboards. Price: $1000 + shipping.

The Thunderchild 112UFT: Same specs except for weight which is 35 pounds. The UFT version adds a level-adjustable up-firing tweeter, reminiscent of Hathor cabs. Same horn an same improved compression driver as the front-firing tweeter, but the crossover is a bit different. This is the recommended version for instruments like electric piano and upright bass, and replaces the "acoustic friendly" option. Price: $1200 + shipping.

Thunderchild 112UFT

Thunderchild 112