AudioKinesis  design goals:

  • Well-controlled, and well thought-out, radiation patterns over most of the spectrum. This results in a reverberant field with a correct spectral balance, which contributes to natural timbre and long-term fatigue-free listening.

  • Freedom from dynamic compression. Musicians use dynamic contrast to convey emotion, so a speaker that is free from dynamic compression at normal in-home volume levels will do a better job of conveying that emotion, all else being equal.

  • Freedom from coloration, including box internal resonances, panel resonances, driver resonances, and audibly significant frequency response aberrations.

  • SET and OTL friendly impedance curve. Some of the finest sounding amplifiers out there have a fairly high output impedance, so we try to keep the impedance curve above 8 ohms and as smooth as possible.

  • A reasonable balance between efficiency, bass extension, and box size (which is closely related to WAF).

  • Good value. We work very hard to put together a very high quality combination of drivers, enclosure, and crossover design. Our focus is on value and performance rather than marketing or a big profit margin.