AudioKinesis  Thunderchild Series Bass Cabinets

The Thunderchild bass cabs do a very good job of delivering the pure sound of your instrument, without adding to or subtracting from it.  For this reason, quite a few of our Thunderchild customers are luthiers. 

These cabs look strange at first glance, with their prominent horns... they look more like PA cabs.  Well, a high-quality horn is the best way to get really good radiation pattern control, and really good radiation pattern control is much more important to sound quality than many people realize, because the off-axis response actually matters more than the on-axis response in most situations. 

Many bass players have an aversion to horns, but horns done right do not have any of the sonic artifacts we've come to expect.  One of our first Thunderchild 112 customers said his cab sounded like a paper cone that just went all the way up. That means we got the crossover right. 

Thunderchild cabs are like high quality compact PA cabs that go low enough and are beefy enough to handle electric bass.  But they have been used to amplify many instruments other than electric bass.  For example, the wife of one of our customers gigs her electric violin through a Thunderchild cab.  Others use them for electric piano, keys, guitar modeling, even home audio.

The latest generation has a unique configuration with an up-firing horn in addition the front-firing one.  The up-firing horn is level-adjustable, depending on whether or not you place an amp atop the cab.  Either way, the idea is to make it easier for you (and your bandmates) to hear your overtones. 

Many if not most electric bass players are looking for a cab with some deliberate voicing, and that's fine, we do that too, in our Hathor and Changeling lines.  But for those looking for the purest presentation of their instrument, be it electric bass or double bass or just about anything else, we offer the Thunderchild series.  They are not cheap, but at what they do well we think they may be the best.