The Hathor series is deliberately voiced for electric bass, usually with two switch-selectable midrange voicings:  Smooth and grindy.  The Hathor cabs use paper cone midrange drivers in a unique open-format mid chamber.  This chamber allows the midrange driver's backwave energy to escape out the top as well as to the sides.  The improved dispersion gives the cab a more open sound, and the energy that exits the top of the chamber can be especially beneficial if you're virtually on top of the cab on a really tight stage, because you'll still be able to hear your overtones.

The little Hathor 1203 is our most popular cab.  Twenty-five pounds, five hundred watts power handling, tonally one of the best if not the best 112 in the business, for six hundred fifty bucks plus shipping.  And despite being designed for electric bass, many bass players have found it to work well for upright bass too. 

Hathors 1203 and 1533, photo courtesy of Bruce MacLaughlin

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