UV -1 (UltraViolet) Preamp

MP-3 Preamplifier

Novocron Monoblock Amplifier

S-30 Stereo Amplifier

M-60 Monoblock Amplifier

Atma-Sphere OTL amplifiers and preamps are legendary and justly so. They excel at inner harmonic detail and richness along with exceptional transient speed. The result is a sense of ease that draws you deeply into the music.

Atma-Sphere amplifiers are less tolerant of low-impedance loads, so they will not work with all speakers. They also put out quite a bit of heat. But if your speakers and environment are up to it, the Atma-Sphere amps offer genuine world class performance. Likewise the MP-1 preamplifier is a world-class unit, and the MP-3 with the regulated power supply option (which is highly recommended) is superb in its price range.

Note that there’s an excellent synergy between Atma-Sphere amps and preamps, and when using Atma-Sphere gear with other amps and preamps if at all possible you want to use balanced connections.


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