Changeling 115

Changeling 115: Dimensions 24.5" tall x 18" wide x 14" deep; 40 pounds; 98 dB; 500 watts; -3 dB at 62 Hz with normal tuning; 4 ohms; three pluggable ports give three ported and one sealed option (for adapting to different room acoustic situations); top end switchable between 3.5 kHz and 12 kHz (-3 dB points). Another switch toggles between smooth mids and a bit of grindy in the upper mids. A third switch toggles between rear pair of mids “normal” and rear pair of mids “-7 dB”. Woofer is a custom 4 ohm Kappalite variant with more output in the upper mids than the stock Kappalites. Price: $1100 + shipping.

AudioKinesis bass cabs are hand-built to order; we're a small company so we don't have stocks of all these various bass cabs ready to ship.  Please call or e-mail for delivery time estimates.