Hathor 1203: 4 or 8 ohms; dimensions 18" tall x 14" wide x 13.5" deep; weight 26 pounds; 94 dB; 500 watts; -3 dB at 62 Hz; thjree pluggable ports (useful for adapting to different room acoustic situations); top end switchable between 3.5 kHz and 12 kHz (-3 dB points). Another switch toggles between smooth mids and a bit of grind in the mids. Woofer is stock Kappalite 3012LF (normally the 8 ohm version, but the 4 ohm version is available while supplies last). Mid is 3" Faital.  Price: $770 + shipping.

Hathor 1203 Tall: Height is 22”; weight is 28 pounds; -1 dB at 62 Hz; four pluggable ports; all other specs the same. Price: $820 + shipping.

The Hathor 1203 is our most popular bass cab.  Its combination of compact size, light weight, and really good tone for electric bass has made it the first choice of many experienced bass players who would rather not lug around large, heavy cabs.  And of course a pair can be stacked for louder gigs. 

Several things go into making the tone of the Hathor 1203 so good.  First is, the intelligent voicing.  With the mid switch up, the cab gently "zigs" where guitar cabs typically "zag".  This sits in the mix really well.  Second, the little 3" cone is very articulate (though not quite as articulate as the high-end tweeter in the Thunderchild cabs), so inner detail is well rendered.  Third, that little mid is in an open-format mid chamber, instead if a small sealed sub-enclosure.  The openings allow the midrange driver's backwave energy to escape to the top and sides.  This makes it possible for you to hear your overtones on a very tight stage, gives wide enough dispersion that your bandmates can hear you better, produces a very open sound, and improves cooling (otherwise we probably couldn't get away with using such a small midrange driver).   

The Hathor 1203 is suitable for double-bass as well, though arguably less so than the Thunderchild cabs. 

AudioKinesis bass cabs are hand-built to order; we're a small company so we don't have stocks of these various bass cabs ready to ship.  Please call or e-mail for delivery time estimates. 

Hathor 1203