AudioKinesis  Changeling Series Bass Cabinets

The Changelings are probably our most innovative bass cabs. They are similar to the Hathor series but add a second rear-firing midrange cone, and as a result are arguably a bass cab equivalent of the open-backed guitar cab. However unlike the open-back guitar cab, the Changeling's rear-firing energy can be shelved down by 7 dB at the flip of a switch, if stage volume is an issue.The Changelings generate even more of an acoustic feel than the Hathor cabs. They are especially well suited for jam sessions and improv work where your band mates benefit from hearing you well, and for accompanying unamplified acoustic instruments. The Changelings deliver the groove you lay down to your bandmates exceptional well, and this benefits everyone in the house.  The Changelings are better double bass cabs than the Hathors, but probably not as good as the more accurate Thunderchild UFT cabs.