What makes AudioKinesis speakers and bass cabs unique?

1. Our top priority really is sound quality. We start with an understanding of the perceptual criteria of the ear/brain system, and engineer solutions that live up to those criteria. Our designs often look unconventional because some principles that really do matter cannot be properly honored in a conventional format.
2. Adaptability. A speaker is always part of a system which inevitably includes the room it is in. We take the anticipated environment into account in the design phase, but we also give customers the ability to easily further tailor the speaker's response to work well in its particular space. This makes the difference between very good results and world-class results.
3. Value. We only charge a modest markup on our products, we neither cut corners or overspend unnecessarily, and we have often been told that out products compete sonically well above their price range. We build every speaker and bass cab as if we were building it for ourselves.
4. Real-world results: “Basically the AudioKinesis speakers did everything as well or better than any other speaker at the entire show, plus had an incredibly musical and warm tonal balance, which puts it at the top of the heap for me. And, amazingly, they did it with zero room treatments. Tied for UBER KING OMG VOICE OF GOD BEST OF THE BEST.” - AudioCircle reviewer Pez.

“The technician and I re-did the Meridian Room Correction (MRC) room calibration... The asymmetric Swarm array works so well that the only "calibration" required is for level... It has rendered both the MRC and the Vandersteen Quatro's analog equalizers unnecessary for my room [emphasis in the original]. The technician, who has performed dozens of these calibrations, said he has never seen anything like this. The room is rendered literally flat in frequency response and spatial energy distribution - sonically the room disappears.” - email from a Swarm customer, January 2016.

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The Swarm received The Absolute Sound Editors Choice award for 2015, 2017, and 2019 in Subwoofer category. Golden Ear awards 2015, 2018 and 2019.

Hathor 1203 Stacked

“Lots of great options, nowadays, but the Hathor 1203 is my top pick as well.” - Tom Bowlus, editor of Bass Gear Magazine, in a recent TalkBass thread entitled “best sounding LIGHT single 12 cab”.