Hathor 212

Hathor 212:  4 ohms; dimensions 32" tall x 14" wide x 14" deep; weight 43 pounds; 97 dB; 1000 watts; -1 dB at 62 Hz; three pluggable ports give three ported and one sealed option (for adapting to different room acoustic situations); top end switchable between 3.5 kHz and 12 kHz (-3 dB points). Another switch toggles between smooth mids and a bit of grindy in the upper mids. Woofers are stock Kappalite 3012LFs, mids are 3" Faitals. Price: $1100 + shipping.

The Hathor 212 combines the drivers of two Hathors 1203 in a single relatively lightweight and compact (for what it does) cabinet.   Having the two mids at the top is a little bit better layout than what you get by stacking two 1203s, and the Hathor 212's three ports for the two woofers is more optimum than the two ports in a 1203 stack. 

But the real strength of the Hathor 212 is not in its power-to-weight-and-size ratio.  Rather, it is in how the cab sounds. 

The Hathor 212 preserves the tonal characteristics that make the original Hathor 1203 so successful.  First is, the intelligent voicing.  With the mid switch up, the cab gently "zigs" where guitar cabs typically "zag". This sits in the mix really well.  Second, the little 3" cone is very articulate (though not quite as articulate as the high-end tweeter in the Thunderchild cabs), so inner detail is well rendered.  Third, that little mid is in an open-format mid chamber, instead if a small sealed sub-enclosure.  The openings allow the midrange driver's backwave energy to escape to the top and sides.  This makes it possible for you to hear your overtones on a very tight stage, gives wide enough dispersion that your bandmates can hear you better, produces a very open sound, and improves cooling (otherwise we probably couldn't get away with using such a small midrange driver).   

AudioKinesis bass cabs are hand-built to order; we're a small company so we don't have stocks of all these various bass cabs ready to ship.  Please call or e-mail for delivery time estimates.  

[First photo courtesy of TrentB from TalkBass.]