The  Zephrin 46  is uniquely designed to work with the room, rather than against it; and to work with the ear/brain system, rather than against it.

The idea behind its unusual configuration is this: We want to recreate as life-like a reverberant field as possible because that's a critical part of live music that few speakers get right. In order for the reverberant field to feel right, it must be spectrally correct, fairly well-energized, and relatively late-arriving (at least 10 milliseconds ballpark time delay before strong reverberant energy arrives is desirable).

AudioKinesis  designer Duke LeJeune has been building award-winning controlled-pattern bipole speakers for years, but they had the same distance-from-the-wall requirements as dipoles. Inventor James Romeyn took a fresh look at this requirement and developed the Late Ceiling Splash configuration, which fires the rear driver array from the floor up at the ceiling.

So we have a very clean, controlled-pattern first arrival sound, followed over 10 milliseconds later by the onset of an unusually strong, diffuse, spectrally-correct reverberant field. The result is an improvement in not only spaciousness and sense of envelopment, but also timbre and even clarity.

Briefly we believe we've developed a speaker that forges into new territory as far as working with, rather than against, the room; and with, rather than against, the ear/brain system. Of course those aren't the only things we pay attention to, but they're what set the  Zephrin 46  apart. That plus its elegant and memorable form-follow-function shape.

Zephrin 46  Specifications

Type: Late Ceiling Splash (LCS) augmented two-way floorstander.

Driver complement: Four 6" woofers, one 1" compression driver, four 1" domes.

Bass loading: Bass reflex, two independent chambers, each with two pluggable ports.

Treble adjustment: High quality external resistors allow user-adjustable top-end "tilt".

Dimensions: 42" tall x 16" wide x 19" deep, 80 pounds.

System Impedance: 8 or 32 ohms, user-selectable, tube-friendly in either configuration

Efficiency: 92 dB/1 watt. Voltage sensitivity (relative to 2.83 volts input) is 92 dB in 8-ohm configuration, and 86 dB in 32-ohm configuration.

Power Handling: 400 watts RMS thermal.

Typical in-room bandwidth: Upper 30's to 20 kHz.

Price: $5500/pair + shipping.

Zephrin 46  is available in choice of oak, maple, or walnut wood veneers. Custom wood veneers, custom paint, and grills are additional cost.

Authorized Dealers

James Romeyn, James Romeyn Music and Audio LLC (435) 754-5097 – Providence, UT

Brian Walsh, Essential Audio - - (773) 809-4434 – Barrington, IL

Tony Chipelo, Electra- Fidelity - – San Rafael, CA

Zephrin 46