AudioKinesis Thunderchild 112 Bass Cab

Bass cab with a compression driver with a waveguide paired with a 12" bass driver capable of bringing out the subtle tonal nuances that are missing with most pro sound bass cabs.

The Thunderchild has the following unusual features which make them especially adaptable to a very wide range of venues:

  • Radiation Pattern Control
  • Room Adaptable
  • Excellent Dynamic Capability

Radiation Pattern Control

Excellent radiation pattern control, especially considering the small footprint. The pattern control generates a spectrally-correct reverberant field, which brings out the subtle tonal nuances lost with most pro sound bass cabs.

Room Adaptable

Placement close to a wall, and even in a corner, is feasible thanks to the highly adjustable bass tuning system.

Dynamic Capability

The drivers are high quality prosound units that have excellent thermal and mechanical characteristics.


Type: Two-way vented bass guitar cabinet
Woofer: 12" long-excursion prosound driver
Tweeter: 1" compression driver
Waveguide: 90 degrees constant in the horizontal plane, from about 2.0 kHz up
Crossover: 2.0 kHz, no significant response dip in crossover region
Impedance: 4 ohms, fairly smooth aside from the bass impedance peaks
Efficiency: 95 dB at 1 watt at 1 meter calculated, based on the Thiele/Small parameters
Thermal Power Handling: 450 watts RMS, 900 watts music program
Displacement (cone area x one-way linear excursion): 496 cubic centimeters (more than most 15's)
Typical System Bandwidth: 56 Hz - 18 kHz, -6db at 48Hz, no upper bass bump. Top end extension switchable to a gentle rolloff at 3.5 kHz, and tweeter can also be turned completely off.
Power Compression: Less than 1 dB of compression at up to 110 dB/1 meter SPL
Port Tuning Options: 50 Hz normal (both ports open, -3 dB at 56 Hz, fairly steep rolloff); and Qtc = .53 box with both ports sealed (-3 dB at 100 Hz, gentle rolloff)
Dimensions: 22" high by 14" wide by 14" deep; net internal volume 1.7 cubic feet
Weight: 31 pounds
Price: $800 plus shipping
Available options: "Acoustic friendly" rear-firing tweeter, $120
Return Policy: Fourteen days, you eat the shipping, full refund if in like-new condition, otherwise there will be a restocking fee based on condition

Manufactured by:

  • AudioKinesis
  • Preston, Idaho
  • 1.208.852.2610
AudioKinesis Thunderchild Bass Cab