The  Prisma  has the following unusual features which make them especially adaptable to a very wide range of rooms:

  • Radiation Pattern Control

  • Room Adaptable

  • Adjustable Treble

  • Dynamic Contrast

Radiation Pattern Control

Excellent radiation pattern control, especially considering the width of the footprint. The combination of toe-in and pattern control minimize undesirable very early reflections in a small room and generates a spectrally-correct reverberant field, which is fairly rare outside of a live performance.

Room Adaptable

Placement close to a wall, and even in a corner, is feasible thanks to the highly adjustable bass tuning system. Two adjustable-length ports are on the rear panel, one near the top and one near the bottom. Embracing the principle of spreading out the low frequency sources in the room as much as is practical for the sake of smoothness, you can seal the lower port on one speaker and the upper port on the other, resulting in significant staggering of your bass sources from the two speakers in all three dimensions. In a large room where you get less boundary reinforcement, leave both ports open.

Adjustable Treble

On the rear of the speaker is a single external resistor in a terminal cup, and this resistor acts as a high-quality tilt control for the compression driver. Thus the treble balance can be optimized for room acoustics.

Dynamic Contrast

The drivers are high quality prosound units that have negligible thermal or mechanical compression in normal home use. This preserves dynamic contrast, which musicians use to convey emotion. Combined with the exceptional radiation pattern control (and a well-engineered crossover), the net result is an outstanding approximation of the timbre, emotion, and overall feeling of a live performance for a 3.3 grand speaker.

Prisma Specifications
Type:  Two-way controlled-pattern toed-in floor-standing adjustable-tuning bass reflex systemWoofer: 
12" prosound, neodymium magnetTweeter:  1" compression driver, polymer diaphragm.
Waveguide:  90 degrees constant in the horizontal plane, from about 1.4 kHz on up.
Crossover:  1.4 kHz
Impedance:  8 ohms nominal, 7 ohms minimum, smooth and tube-friendly.
Efficiency:  93 dB at 1 watt at 1 meter.
Typical system bandwidth:  30 Hz to 18 kHzPower Compression:  Less than 1 dB at up to 110 dB/1 meter.
SPLRecommended amplifier power:  5-500 watts
Dimensions:  44" tall x 14" wide x 24" deep on long.
Weight:  92 pounds
Price: $3300/pair + shipping, direct sales only.
Finishes:  Walnut, Oak and Maple; custom finishes additional cost.