As music lovers, what are we looking for in a high-end audio speaker?  The closest approach we can reasonably make to recreating the perception - the feeling - of being in the presence of live music.  Timbre, inner detail, and dynamic impact are all a part of this.  But perhaps the most elusive aspect is image density - that is, the perception that the sound-source images we hear in space have body and weight to them.  This goes beyond the pinpoint imaging of a good mini-monitor, and beyond the rich sense of envelopment of a good omnidirectional system, though it includes aspects of both. 

The key to recreating sound images that feel like the real thing is to set up a powerful, diffuse, spectrally correct, fairly late-arriving reverberant field.  When done right, the ear-brain system interprets this reverberant energy as confirmation of the imaging cues in the first-arrival sound and we perceive those sound images as having realistic density.

The  Dream Maker LCS  system uses a high quality pair of main speakers to generate the desired first-arrival sound, and then a pair of separate, dedicated, highly directional upfiring array modules adds the extra spectrally-correct reverberant energy, with the required time delay coming from the long path this energy takes bouncing off the ceiling before reaching the listening position. The Late Ceiling Splash configuration is the invention of James Romeyn, and could be considered an advanced evolution of the controlled-pattern bipolar configuration first seen in the original award-winning AudioKinesis Dream Maker.    

The separate LCS modules allow a great deal of placement flexibility, along with spreading out the physical location of the bass sources within the room, which improves the in-room bass smoothness. 

Dream Maker LCS  Specifications
Type:  Four-piece Late Ceiling Splash (LCS) system.
Driver complement per side:  One 10" studio-quality woofer; four 5" woofers; three 1" polymer-diaphragm compression drivers on low-coloration waveguides.
Bass loading:  Bass reflex, each enclosure tunable via two pluggable ports.
Treble adjustment:  High quality external resistors allow user-adjustable top-end "tilt".
Main module dimensions:  42" tall x 15" wide x 17" deep, 97 pounds.
LCS module dimensions:  13" tall x 14" wide x  20" deep, 45 pounds.

System Impedance:  8 or 32 ohms, user-selectable, tube-friendly in either configuration
Efficiency:  92 dB/1 watt.  Voltage sensitivity (relative to 2.83 volts input) is 92 dB in 8-ohm configuration, and 86 dB in 32-ohm configuration.
Power Handling:  500 watts RMS thermal.
Typical in-room bandwidth:  Mid 30's to 20 kHz.

Price: $8800/pair + shipping.

The main modules and LCS modules can be purchased separately, so the system can be acquired in stages. The main modules are $5900/pair, and the LCS modules $2900/pair, + shipping. Choice of wood veneers oak, maple, and walnut. Custom veneers and paint additional cost.

For more information about the Dream Maker LCS please view here:

Dream Maker LCS