Birdhaus 48

Birdhaus 48: 4 ohms; dimensions 19" tall x 14" wide x 14" deep; weight 35 pounds; 95 dB; 800 watts; flat at 82 Hz and -3 dB at 62 Hz; two pluggable ports; 4.5 kHz top end extension.  Uses the 16-ohm version of the Faital 8PR200.  Also available in 8 ohms. Price: $950 + shipping.

The problem with most midless/tweetless bass cabs is not that they don't have enough top end, it's that they don't have enough dispersion.  What top end they do have is confined to a narrow cone out in front of the cab.
The Birdhaus 48 doesn't go up particularly high, but it does have great mids, and stage-wide dispersion that sets it apart.  And it can deliver a solid low-B at SPLs that belie its size.