Most bass cabs under-serve the audience, even if they have good tone and are plenty loud enough.
Let me explain:

The whole band plays better when they can hear the bass player.  He is the one who lays down the groove, but if the rest of the band can't hear it clearly, they have a harder time finding it.  With most bass cabs, the rest of the band can't hear the bass player clearly.

Enter the Birdhaus line by AudioKinesis.  Birdhaus cabs have identical drivers on the sides of the cab as well as on the front.  So now the bass cab serves the whole stage, though not as loud as out front.  When the rest of the band can hear the bass player well, the whole band plays better.  And the audience digs it that much more.  By serving the band better, Birdhaus cabs enable the band to serve the audience better.  This is one of the roles the bass player is supposed to play.

Birdhaus cabs are for everyone in the house. 

AudioKinesis Bass Cabinets Birdhaus Series